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Notion is an amazing all-in-one workspace for your notes, docs and tasks. Now use it for your public website, instantly published, under your own custom URL.

Your content all in one place

You probably already use Notion for your notes, docs, tasks and CRM. Having all your site content in Notion makes a convenient single source of truth. No more copying and pasting to upload to your blogging system.

Instant publication makes you more productive

Need to fix a typo? Easy, just edit and it's now public immediately. Effortless publishing means you're happier to create new content early and often, and it's always up-to-date.

Own your content under your own brand

Customers are confused when they're redirected to a different domain. Reassure your users by hosting it on your own site. You own all the SEO benefits and future traffic that results.


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$59 per month

Custom domain

  • Your choice of new domain
  • Instant automated setup
  • Advanced analytics
  • Fast caching and SEO optimised
  • Unlimited pages and unlimited subdomains
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$29 per month

Existing domain

  • Use your existing domain or subdomain
  • Guided setup in 5 minutes
  • Advanced analytics
  • Fast caching and SEO optimised
  • Unlimited pages

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